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Consumer Warranty
for the WHOLLY WATER® Drinking Water Appliance
In Residential Application Only (for United States & Canada).
Commercial use is encouraged, but the warranty is different.

WHOLLY WATER ® The Ultimate Drinking Water Appliance is designed to meet or exceed the Safe Drinking Water Act standard for municipal water supply. Not designed to be used on unpotable or microbiologically unsafe water. Some well water will need a lab analysis to determine proper treatment.  Schallerpool Water and Frequency Rising guarantees to the original consumer/buyer that the pressure vessel will not leak or corrode in the original installation, provided that the unit is properly installed in accordance with the manufacturer's printed instructions enclosed with each unit sold. This does not cover units subjected to abuse, water pressure over 60 psi, or temperatures over 100 degrees F. (38 degrees C).

For the under counter WHOLLY WATER® The Ultimate Drinking Water Appliance, a pressure regulator is already supplied with each unit and must remain with the unit to keep the water pressure at about 40 psi. The preset factory settings (40 psi) on the pressure regulator must be unaltered. If this supplied pressure regulator is removed or settings changed, the warranty is void, and we are not responsible for any damages to the "Appliance" and/or other damages caused by water leakage. Schallerpool Water and Frequency Rising has a low cost leak alarm available that will alert you to any leak from ANY source under your sink.

Please note that on a municipal water supply, water pressure may go up very high at night.
For example, even though your water pressure is 50 psi during day, it can exceed 135 psi at night when people aren't using a lot of water. Some municipal systems are prone to water hammer when pressure spikes go very high. Failure to install regulator with Appliance will void warranty and may adversely affect performance of Appliance. In fact, it is recommended that you have your plumber install a pressure regulator on plumbing system for your whole house to protect your plumbing.

If the unit fails to "filter" and/or "purify" municipally supplied tap water and or potable well or spring water of similar quality, according to the unit's stated performance claims under NSF 42 and NSF 53 testing protocols, Schallerpool Water and Frequency Rising will repair or replace the unit at no charge to the original purchaser. Not designed to be used on unpotable or microbiologically unsafe water.  Shipping costs for replacement fittings for top of Appliance are not covered under warranty at any time.

UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES is Schallerpool Water and Frequency Rising liable for any costs greater than the original owner's purchase price. Also not covered are Acts of God - fire, storms, flooding, etc. This Warranty only applies to original owner when properly installed on a residential application and water pressure at no time exceeds 60 psi (pressure per square inch).

Any Appliance returned under this warranty shall be shipped prepaid to Schaller Pool Water at 7355 State Route 5, Clinton, NY 13323.   Outside of USA, please contact us for cost & payment for return shipping. Product will be repaired or replaced subject to the this warranty

IMPORTANT NOTE: This warranty only covers the original purchaser and installation.  Under no circumstances, will Schallerpool Water and Frequency Rising assume any responsibility or liability for physical damages or losses resulting from improper installation, misuse of this product, or acts of nature beyond Company's control. Schallerpool Water and Frequency Rising has a low cost leak alarm available that will alert you to any leak from ANY source under your sink.

Schallerpool Water and Frequency Rising assume no liability for any and all damage to any property or dwelling or any expense caused by or related to a leak in our water systems.

Warning - Many insurance providers have recently modified their homeowner's coverage policy as they relate to leaks associated with a water treatment system and will not provide coverage in the event of a leak. Please be certain to protect from freezing. While our water systems have been engineered to the highest standards, as with any water system, there is a risk of flood related damage, and you are hereby notified that you are assuming all risk associated with any such damage. It is strongly recommended that you install an automatic leak alarm and shut off valve (available from LSI).



Wholly Water ® The Ultimate Drinking Water Appliance has a 90-day satisfaction guarantee: If you are not satisfied with the performance of the "Appliance," you may return it within the 90-day period since purchase date. Please call or email us first for RMA # to put on the package for authorization & identification. Mailing insurance required on all returns. Refunds do not include shipping, credit card or banking fee on each transaction. Adjustments on any refund will be made for any damages caused by negligence of buyer. If "Appliance" or any part of it is defective, we will be glad to replace or repair it under the warranty.





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