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Ultimate Drinking Water Filter Kit - Just $499!

Lasts 10-12 Years with NO filter media changes or repacking!

The Wholly Water Purification System Includes the Following:

  • 5 Stage Patented Ultimate Water Filter
  • Dedicated Long-reach Faucet
  • Pressure Regulator - 3/8 inch
  • Sonic Flood Alarm
  • Install Instructions
  • 2-year warranty  




Price $499



Long-reach chrome faucet with turn knob.  ($29 value)


Considerations before buying water filter:

1) The filter measures 19" height, 8" diameter. If it doesn't fit under your sink, you will need to locate it elsewhere, depending on your home's layout.  In this event, you can get extra fittings and tubing to place the filter in your garage or basement, or even the cabinet next to your sink. We may need to discuss your needs to get you the right supplies.

2) The drinking water filter uses it's own dedicated faucet.  Normally a pre-existing hole is used.  If no hole exists, a whole can easily be drilled. You may need a special drill bit for ceramic sinks.  Or, a hole can also be drilled into the countertop, right next to the sink, as in picture.  Click here to see install instructions.

3)   3/8" Line is standard. However, if you have 1/4" line, let us know at time of order, so we can send you the correct regulator and/or splitters.


water_filter_sensor2Water Alarm with Remote Sensor -

Warns of leaks and overflows in kitchen, bathroom, laundry, furnace, or anywhere there is a potential for leaks.  ($29 value)

Pressure Regulator  water_filter_reg2

This pressure regulator ensures proper water flow to make sure water has proper contact with filter media to maximize purity and also protects the unit from damage by water pressure that may be too high. ($44 value)



PortaZone P250 Ozone Generator
Ozone output: 250 mg per hour
Air Pump: 1.5 Liters Per Minute
Ozone production: Dual Dieletric Cold Corona Discharge
Dimensions: 12" l x 8"d x 4.25" h
Weight: 5.5 lbs
Watts: 18      Volts: 110      Amps: 0.15
Warranty: 1 year parts & labor
Includes: One (1) Fine-Pore Ceramic Diffuser and one (1) Olive Oil Extension with Fine-Pore (see below)

See more about ozone here


Price $289


To see our current model, visit our main site here:

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The Vitalizer Plus

Structure, Oxygenate, & Energize Your Own Water!

Enhanced far-infrared ceramics
Powerful 4,400 gauss magnets
Powerful 110v motor
Enhanced mineral basket for high Oxidative-Reductive Potential (ORP)
9,18, and 27 minute timer
2 liter container
1 Year Warranty


Price $549


Vitalizer Mineral Cube

Enhanced mineral basket for better ORP, enhanced structuring,  and high pH.

Cube Replacement
Price  $69




These are some of our FAVORITE water products. 

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